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Beke: APC Will Produce Next Governor in Rivers

todayAugust 11, 2022 1

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In this interview with Blessing Ibunge, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Mr Emeka Beke, expresses confidence that he is going to deliver the party at the 2023 general elections in the state.

What are your thoughts about political development in Rivers State chapter  of the All Progressives Congress (APC), especially as members are defecting?

My first primary assignment here is to win election in Rivers. And winning election, you need to unite everybody that you think is aggrieved, who are genuine members of your political family, because as a father for you to be in a political party, you are like a family and as the head of the family, no matter what comes up, you share the responsibility. Some may have one challenge or the other, my assignment is to ensure we stay together.

What is the party doing about the resignation or defection of prominent members, is the party not bothered about this development?

One thing you must know, first, most people who are leaving the party,  were commissioners, advisers or one other office holder in the last administration of Hon Rotimi Amaechi and you know that we have left government in the past seven years and people expect so much and which is not forthcoming. People will want to go somewhere to have their daily income, that is exactly what was happening. None of them will say this is the reason why I am leaving the party. I want to be very honest with you, most of them will not tell you probably, the leader did not treat me well but out of hunger people will run out. That is the way I see it.

A prominent chieftain of APC, Senator Magnus Abe just left the party, what is your take on the development?

First, Magnus Abe wants to be Governor of Rivers State and what Magnus wants is just anointing and nobody anoints anybody in politics you need to work hard for it. Magnus probably did not find what he wants from this end of our party, probably he want to try in another party, we wish him the best of luck. If Magnus genuinely beliefs in this party, one thing you must know, one person will be governor at a given time, two persons can never be, probably it is not your turn or the turn of your zone or is not given to you, just have hope that someday it will be your own. You can’t stop someone who believes he will be governor, most qualified in the state to become a governor, definitely you expect him to run away.

Now if you listen to what he (Abe) said that he is leaving APC Rivers State but he is still with Ahmed Bola Tinubu, is that a genuine person.

March, 2023 is around the corner, you have a candidate already, what is the plan of the party for Rivers state people and the chances of APC candidate winning the elections?

As a political party, you know what we are doing, reaching out to people, talking to people, stakeholders and if you watch what is happening in politics is not about politics where somebody will come and steal a ballot, that era has passed on. You need to talk to the people in the grassroot, you need to talk to the people in the unit. What we are doing is to talk to the relevant people who have the votes, not funfair. Funfair has gone, you need to go back to the grassroot, talk to the people who have the card, who are eligible to vote.

And as a party we are doing very well, people might say, members are defecting from the party, from APC to PDP, that is the way PDP members are leaving to come to APC, we don’t make noise. And one thing I can tell you, we have a better candidate than the PDP candidate 100 percent. You can’t in anywhere compare, how can you compare if you really say you are a Nigerian, you can’t compare  Tonye Cole and Sim, no way but for me, that is the choice of the PDP. The choice of APC is  Tonye Cole and we are going to take him to the Bricks House, we are very sure of that.

What are your strategies to unseat the ruling PDP  and takeover the Rivers government house in 2023?

First, you have been in the state as a journalist, Chief Nyesom Wike is going to be governor for eight years, one thing you know as long as you live in this state, we need to tell ourselves the truth, there is nothing to show that the government of Nyesom Wike has done well in Rivers State. Any normal Rivers man or woman will not cast their vote for PDP. I want to say it clearly, is it from the civil servants, do we have secretariat in Rivers State, no. Insecurity is bastardized in Rivers State; why will people vote for PDP, is it because of the money they will give to them?  All our sons and daughters that were overseas are brought back home but his own son is qualified to go overseas. What is his foundation, who is his father. Who is Wike’s father in Rivers State, I want to know, why you will deprive other people benefits, their rights. A lot of prominent men in this state wanted to go overseas with state scholarship and you denied the entire Rivers sons and daughters their scholarships. Well, I wonder how they will cast their votes for PDP, that is just my concern, they won’t. Go and feel the pulse of the people. That is why when I see somebody leaving APC for PDP I just keep wondering, what are you going to do, you want to get Rivers money and put in your pocket.

What is APC’s plan to stop members from further resignation from the party.

Let’s say for example, you are aggrieved, you say Chairman look this is the reason why I want to leave the party and Chairman will plead that you should not leave. But this one they will leave, I can mention a number of them that have left the party and I don’t want to be personal. Some of them are just there because of the name, ex this, ex that, living others future, the big man will sit in his office and claim that he is a big man because he is trying to be Minister, former Minister of Transportation and former governor of Rivers State, and you want to tell us it is because of that you are going, well I wish everybody who wants to leave well.

What are your achievements since you assumed office as APC Chairman in the state?

When we came onboard as APC executive, the party was not organised the way it is now. First, they tried to stop us from taking part in the convention but God in His infinite mercy was able to stop that, we were in the convention, we were in the Congress and we are back. What we will do now is to unite people and  if you watch in the couple of weeks, we have been able to set up Contact and Mobilisation committee of the party for reconciliation. I think we are more united than what we used to be before and by the time we finish what we are going to do, you will see how APC will come out very strong in Rivers State.

What is your clarion call to Rivers people ahead of the 2023 elections?

First, nobody should allow his or her child to be used, anybody who wants to use thugs should bring his own children out first. The era of ballot box snatching is gone, go and get your Permanent Voters Card, vote for a man that will develop the state and the only man that will develop Rivers State is  Tonye Cole. I want every Rivers people to cast their votes, we ask our Igbo, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Cross Rivers, Edo brothers  and others to cast their votes and vote in APC governorship candidate at the 2023 poll.

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todayAugust 11, 2022 1

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